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  • The rental period is 3-days. Day-1 is Collection day and Day-3 is Return day. 
  • A refundable deposit is applicable for all rental item(s).
  • The amount of refundable deposit depends on the item(s) rented:
    1. Full set of Suit/Tuxedo (2 or 3 piece) including/excluding Accessories (Neck Tie/Bow Tie, Handkerchief and Lapel Pin): RM1,000
    2. Accessories only (1 piece): RM150
    3. Coat, Vest or Trousers (1 piece): RM500
  • The refundable deposit has to be made after the rental order has been successfully paid.
  • The refundable deposit shall be made to us via Online Bank Transfer. However, we do accept other payment method such as Credit Card, FPX or e-Wallet if customer is willing to absorb the 1.5% to 3% transaction fees (depending on the chosen payment method).
    • If customer choose to pay via Online Bank Transfer, simply reply to the Order Confirmation e-mail with the payment receipt attachment.
    • If customer choose to pay via other payment method, please reply to the Order Confirmation e-mail with the preferred choice of payment.
  • Rental order will be fulfilled and processed after the refundable deposit has been made.
  • Rental item(s) has to be returned to us in good condition before the refundable deposit will be returned back to the customer via Online Bank Transfer.



  • The refundable deposit should be made to the following Bank Account:
Bank Account Name: Mensuit Jungle Enterprise
Bank Account Number: 8009654248
Bank Name: CIMB
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