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Discover our service Custom Made and create the shirt of your dreams, uniquely designed and sewn after your preferences. Personalize your shirt to perfection in both design and fit. Adjust a few size options, choose among a large variety of collars and add details that will make your new Custom Made shirt completely unique.

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The World of Bespoke

Bespoke shirt making lies at the heart of JUNGLE Bespoke and is where we started. All of our shirts are hand-cut and hand crafted in-house, working to each customer’s unique and comprehensive set of measurements and stylistic requirements.

Our unrivalled passion for excellence in perfectly fitted shirts and outstanding workmanship symbolizes who we are. We are proud and take pride in every single shirt we make for all our beloved clients. Their joy and satisfaction motivates us to do better everyday as we aim to be the best shirt makers in Malaysia.

"A Bespoke Shirt is one of the true luxuries that you can acquire.

There's nothing better than a fitted shirt.

Once you've picked up your first one, you'll never stop buying them."


No matter if our standard sizing fits you perfectly or if you need to make any adjustments, we will make a shirt specially for you.


Choose your preferred body fit and your standard size to start from.


Choose your personal collar favourite among our large selection.


You can also choose a cuff of your choice.


Add a monogram of your choice and design, and make your shirt extra special. Choose between placing it on the cuff or the front of the shirt.


Have the length of your shirt or sleeves extended or shortened. Compare to how your standard shirt fits and make your adjustments thereafter by adding or removing centimeters.


As we are able to help you out to measure and guide you to the perfect Custom Made shirt in store, we are able to offer you a greater range of possibilities to customize. We offer you to change the width of the chest and waist, add contrasting details to collar, cuffs and buttons and of course all possibilities that you find here on our site.

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